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Looking at purchasing your dream home or refinancing your existing? FECU is here to help you reach your goals! We offer a wide range of loan options with competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and fast, convenient service.

What Types Of Loans Do You Offer?

If you are purchasing a home or want to refinance your current mortgage to take advantage of low rates, you can apply with our partners at Servion. At FECU, we partnered with Servion Mortgage® to handle your home mortgage.

How do I apply?

Complete the Online Mortgage Loan Application by visiting Servion mortgage website. Servion (NMLS #1037) will help you determine which loan might work best for you, and guide you through the rest of the process.

FECU has multiple options for you when it comes to your dream home. Ready to get started? Apply Now or contact us today to get started.

Which mortgage is better for me?

This calculator will help you compare the total cost of any two or three mortgages. This analysis includes the effect of a tax deduction for interest. If the interest is not deductible, or if you do not want to show the effect of the tax deduction, choose an income tax rate of zero.

How Will This Refinance Affect My Monthly Payment?

When you refinance at a lower interest rate you could potentially save money on your loan. This calculator will tell you the amount you save in interest, the new monthly payment and the refinancing costs. Calculate your Results

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Published Date:July 05, 2022

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