Wire Transfers

We can wire funds to and from your account at FECU to domestic or international financial institutions.

Domestic Wire Transfers

Receiving Funds

To receive wired funds from another financial institution you will need the following information.

Receiving Financial Institution
  • ABA number: 271987635
  • Financial Institution Name: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
  • Financial Institution Location: Warrenville, Illinois
Beneficiary Financial Institution
  • Financial Institution Name: Federated Employees Credit Union
  • Financial Institution Account #: 291975326
  • Beneficiary Name: Your name
  • Your Account #: Your FECU account number

Important reminders if you are sending wired funds:

  • Cut-off time for domestic transfers is 4 p.m. CST.
  • The wire transfer fee to a non-Western Union location is $10.

Sending Funds

If you are sending wired funds from your account, you will need to complete the Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer Request Form with the following information:

  • Your name and address (or the name and address on the account you are sending to)
  • Your FECU account number
  • The amount you want transferred
  • Name, address, and nine-digit ABA number of the receiving financial institution
  • Receiver’s name and account number

Western Union Wire Transfers

When wiring to Western Union, you will need to inform the Western Union agent that the funds are sent by Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, 4450 Weaver Parkway, Warrenville, IL 60555. The fee to transfer to Western Union is $23.

International Wire Transfers

If you are sending an international wire transfer, you will need to complete the  International Outgoing Wire Transfer Request Form. Cut-off time for international wires is 3 p.m. CST. International wire fees vary.

Call Back Authentication of Wire Transfers

FECU may use a call back procedure to verify the authenticity of the wire transfer information. A call back procedure is the process of an authorized individual with the credit union telephoning to verify the information prior to completion of the funds transfer.  As a member of FECU, you are responsible to maintain current phone numbers on file at the credit union. If you cannot be reached by phone, or if the phone numbers on file are not correct, your wire transfer may not be completed.   


For questions or if you need additional wire transfer information, contact FECU.