Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is an app for Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets that allows you to check balances, transfer money between accounts and find branch and ATM locations.

Is the Mobile Banking app the same for both Apple and Android devices?

While the functionality of the app is identical for both devices, the Menu Bar (navigation) is on the lower part of the screen for Apple and on the top of the screen for Android.

Which devices are compatible?

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 (Requires iOS 5.0 or later). Android smartphones running version 2.2 and up are compatible.

Is there a Blackberry or Windows app?

The app is unavailable for BlackBerry® or Windows® smartphones. This may be available in the future.

How do I download and install the app?

Download the app from your smartphone app store. In your store's search, type in "FECU Mobile" and you'll find the free app.

Do I need to sign up for Online Banking to use Mobile Banking?

Yes. Mobile Banking is an extension of Online Banking. You’ll need to establish your Online Banking User ID and Password before you can login to the Mobile Banking app.

How do I login to Mobile Banking?

You can access Mobile Banking using your Online Banking User ID and Password:

Mobile Banking Member Number = Online Banking User ID (Your Member Account Number)

Mobile Banking Password = Online Banking Password

When logging into Mobile Banking, you’ll be asked to answer a pre-established security question, verify your Security Key and provide your Password.

If you don't have an Online Banking login, you can sign up for Online Banking at: Online Banking.

Does the Mobile Banking app remember my Username?

No. It does not remember usernames.

Can I login the Mobile Banking app using a different Member Number to view a different account?

Mobile Banking is designed to work with one login at a time.

Is Mobile Banking safe?

Yes. Mobile Banking uses multi-factor authentication just like Online Banking. This includes your security question, Security Key, Member Number and Password.

What accounts can be viewed in Mobile Banking?

Any accounts that can be viewed in Online Banking can be viewed in Mobile Banking. This includes checking, savings, certificates, loans, lines of credit, home equity accounts.

Can I change account names in Mobile Banking?

No. If you want to nickname an account, you need to do that in Online Banking. Once an account name is changed, the updated name will appear in Mobile Banking.

Helpful Tip: You can nickname your accounts to make managing your money easier. For example, you might have accounts named "Honda Auto Loan" or "Vacation Savings," depending on your needs. Once you establish the nickname in Online Banking, it displays in Mobile Banking.

Are transfers completed real-time in Mobile Banking?

Yes. Similar to Online Banking, transfers completed in Mobile Banking are done instantly.

Can I make a loan payment in Mobile Banking?

Yes. You can transfer funds from an account to a loan to make a payment under the same login.

Are cross account transfers possible in Mobile Banking?

You can make transfers between accounts that are listed under the same login in Mobile Banking if you are joint on the account.

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