Christmas Club Transfers

Piggy bank with Santa hat on, next to pile of one hundred dollar bills in front of a Christmas tree

Current Christmas Club balances will be transferred to your FECU Checking account by the close of day on October 7, 2022.  If you do not have a checking account at FECU, it will be transferred into your FECU Primary Share savings account. 

Start saving for Christmas, 2023 with the Federated Employees Credit Union (FECU) Christmas Club account! Sign up for payroll deduction and have money set aside from every paycheck. It can help you budget for next year’s Christmas spending.  

FECU also offers Special and Vacation Club accounts. Choose FECU for all of your saving and budgeting needs, not just for Christmas. Learn more about Club Accounts .

Published Date:September 12, 2022

Categories: News and Promotions