Christmas Club Accounts

Piggy bank with a Santa hat

FECU makes saving for holiday expenses as painless as possible. A Christmas Club Savings Account lets you save for holiday spending throughout the year rather than relying on credit cards at the last minute. You can even arrange to have the money deducted directly from your paycheck! In October, the funds in your Christmas Club Savings Account will be automatically transferred to your FECU checking account (or regular share savings account if you do not have an FECU checking account). Open a Christmas Savings account in a branch or  Contact Us to get started.

How Much Should I Save Each Month?

Federated Insurance Employees can use the  Salary Deduction Form to have funds put aside each paycheck. Use this calculator, " How much should I save each month?," to compute the monthly deposit amount needed to reach your Holiday savings goal.

Other Benefits of a Savings Account at FECU:

  • No minimum balance required to open
  • No restrictions or penalties for early withdrawal
  • Make extra deposits anytime of the year
  • Easy to open in person or online
  • Convenient access to funds using your online banking

Learn more about Club Accounts   and get started! 

Published Date:September 01, 2022

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