Recreational Vehicles

Do you have your 2020 summer planned out?  Has it changed due to COVID-19? This pandemic is an opportunity to re-think and prioritize our goals and activities for our families.  It will be here soon and this is the time to check off a few things on your bucket list. Here are some of the top activities you can consider in adding into your bucket list if it is in your budget for 2020:

  • Get a boat and spend your time on the open water fishing or relaxing with your closest family or friends.
  • Is a side by side recreational vehicle in your future?  Side by Sides are a great way to get away and still practice social distancing.
  • Do you like the thrill of speed?  Get a speed boat and learn how to water ski or even knee board!
  • Get an ATV take an adventure or just to clear your head. Did you know they make them for youth also?
  • Did you know by driving a motorcycle you can have a better mental outlook?  This is only one of many  reasons to consider owning a motorcycle
  • Want the thrill of being on the open water, but don’t like boating?  Buy yourself a jet ski and see how many different lakes you can visit.
  • As campgrounds begin to open, maybe you need a home away from home.  Visit campgrounds around your area in your new camper.

With the endless opportunities for summer 2020, be sure to check out our rates for Recreational Vehicles and finance your summer toy with FECU.

Published Date:May 20, 2020

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