Annual Meeting Summary

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The 88th Annual Meeting of the membership of the Federated Employees Credit Union was held virtually on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2022. Our Annual Meeting included news, financials, and board nominations. We appreciate all who participated in the virtual meeting. If you would like to view the information presented at the Annual Meeting please email for a copy of the presentation. The terms of office for two (2) directors and two (2) committee members was voted upon and filled during the meeting.  


Appointed to Board of Directors

  • Dan Wagner                       3 year term
  • Shannon Blatti                   3 year term


Appointed to Supervisory Committee

  • Chris Ditlevson                  3 year term


Appointed to Credit Committee

  • Karna Hubbard  3 year term


Congratulations to the following Annual Meeting Door Prize Winners 

  • Jaclyn Natzel 
  • Ken Furey 
  • Cheryl Deml
  • David K. Hallerud
  • Hanna M. Maddaus
  • Scott Wolff
  • Kelly J. Grube
  • Hildie  Kehler
  • Robert W. Vereide
  • Scott Wilson 
  • William A. Theis
  • Julie Harriman 
  • Kristi M. Ahlman
  • Rhonda S. Walderon
  • Rebecca J Dawley
  • William J. Fogarty
  • Dawn J. Phelps
  • Troy D. Sorensen
  • Pamela M. Donkers
  • Chloe A Olsen
  • Brad Baerg 
  • Debra J Kubista
  • Jean M. Wencl
  • Brenda K. Anderson
  • Karen J. Ditlevson

Winners were randomly selected from the attendance report downloaded by the meeting organizer in Microsoft Teams. Prizes were awarded and limited to one prize per person. Additional state rules and regulations may apply.

Published Date:February 22, 2022

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