Pay Your FECU Credit Card

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Federated Employees Credit Union VISA® credit card offers a safe and convenient way to make purchases.  You can view your current balance in your Online Banking or create an account online at  eZCardInfo┬« for up-to-date account information, to pay your bill, or access statements.  Learn more about the Federated Employees Credit Union VISA® credit card.

Pay Credit Card in Online Banking

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Click Transactions and select pay Credit Card from the drop down
  3. Pay by selecting the credit card, FECU account to pay from, and then filling in the amount
  4. Click Make Payment to submit the payment

You should always check your FECU VISA® credit card statements to ensure accuracy and payment in full.

Manage your VISA® credit card online with eZCardInfo®

Use eZCardInfo to access online features that help you manage your account:

  • Set up automatically recurring payments or make a one-time payment instantly
  • View pending transactions in real-time to better track spending and potential fraud
  • Update your contact information so you can be easily reached 
  • Account summary information (18 months of transaction history)
  • Setup email notifications and mobile alerts
  • View six months of statements in PDF format or download transactions to financial software

Step-by-Step eZCardInfo Enrollment

  1. In the eZCardInfo login window, click Enroll Now
  2. The Account Enrollment page displays. Enter the credit card number for the account that you will access online. Click Continue.
  3. The Enrollment Authentication page displays. Enter Cardholder Name and Expiration Date. Click Continue.
  4. The Terms and Conditions page displays. Click Accept.
  5. The Online Account Setup page displays. Enter your information in the boxes. The boxes with an asterisk(*) are required information. Click Continue.
  6. The Enrollment Complete page displays.
  7. The enrollment is effective immediately and the eZCard login window displays. You can now log in to the website and begin using eZCard.
  8. If you are logging in for the first time after enrolling, the Set Up PassMark window displays. In this window, you must select or upload an image that becomes your personalized PassMark.
  9. Enter a phrase for your PassMark in the Your PassMark Phrase box. This phrase should be unique and contain at least six characters. 
  10. Select a challenge question from each of the four Challenge Question drop-down menus, and type your answer to each question. Each answer should be unique and contain at least six characters but not more than 30 characters. Click Next.
  11. Review this information carefully. If you are satisfied with this preview, click Finish to submit your enrollment and complete the registration process. OR Use your browser Back button to make changes. Resubmit your PassMark information. Once the enrollment and authentication setup is complete, the login window displays with your PassMark.
  12. Verify the username is correct.
  13. Type the password for your online account in the Password box.
  14. Click Login. You are now ready to begin using eZCardInfo.

NOTE: For security reasons we're unable to unlock your online account by email. Click Forgot your username to reset your password or call 866-604-0380 for assistance. 

Finance Charges

To avoid an additional finance charge on the balance of purchases, you must pay the entire new balance on the billing statement by the payment due date of that statement. A finance charge begins to accrue on cash advances from the date you get the cash advance or from the first day of the billing cycle in which the cash advance is posted to your account, whichever is later (transaction date).

Late Payment Fee

If your account is subject to a Late Payment Fee, the fee will be charged to your account when you do not make the required minimum payment by or within the number of days of the statement Payment Due Date set forth on the VISA┬« Consumer Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure.   

VISA® Credit Card ScoreCard® CashBack

ScoreCard® CashBack balances are available on your periodic statements.  These funds will be credited to your VISA® account in October of every year.


Published Date:July 05, 2022

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