FECU Club Accounts

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Start saving today with a FECU club account! It can help you budget for anything you need and protect you when unexpected or large purchases come up.  A Club Savings account is a type of savings account in which you regularly deposit funds throughout the year.

Learn more about Club Accounts and let us help you get started! 

Club accounts

Start a payroll deduction and have money set aside from every paycheck

  • Make extra deposits anytime of the year
  • No minimum balance required to open
  • No restrictions for early withdrawal
  • Easy to open and name it anything you want
  • Dividends are compounded and paid monthly. 

Savings Calculator 

Whether you want to save up for holiday shopping, wedding, a vacation or a new car, FECU Club Accounts are the easy way to save. Use this calculator to compute the monthly deposit amount needed to reach a savings goal.

How much should I save each month?

Automate Your Savings

Federated Insurance employees can use the Salary Deduction Form to authorize a portion of each pay check to be deposited into a Club Account. Depending on your pay schedule it may take over two weeks to change your paycheck deposits.

For other deposits please use the Direct Deposit Form.

You can provide the FECU Routing #: 291975326 along with your member number to have your Social Security deposits or other paychecks go into your FECU accounts.

Online Banking to Schedule ACH Transfers

Do you want to send money to/from another financial institution?  You can do this in Online Banking. 

To set the transfer up follow the steps below:

  1. Log in and navigate to the Transactions tab and select Transfer
  2. Select Send/Receive ACH
  3. Begin scheduling your ACH Payments by clicking Schedule to Send/Receive ACH
  4. Choose if you want to Send or Receive by clicking the box
  5. Choose Account and Payee information then, click Next
  6. Repeat the steps above if you want more than one account set up

Published Date:April 15, 2022

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