April is Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth Month! Be a credit union saver and your savings will never go extinct. FECU wants to engage with all of our youth members and show them we can help them through their financial journey every step of the way no matter what age they are!  We want to teach our youth the importance of healthy money habits that will help their dreams come true.

We put together some fun activities for all ages below (0-17) for youth month. Anyone who completes one of the activities for their age bracket will be submitted randomly into a drawing to win $50.00 deposited into their primary share savings account with FECU. The winner will be randomly selected & notified on May 3rd, 2021. Complete all of the options for your age group and get an entry in the drawing for each one!  Don’t have a printer? Stop by and pick up a printed copy at the Credit Union.

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Instructions for contest:

Step 1: Find your child’s age group

Step 2: Select one activity for your child to complete

Step 3: Take a photo or send in completed activity to customerservice@fedecu.com or drop it off at the Credit Union.

Step 4: Complete additional activities for additional entries

AGE 0-4

  • Option 1: Show us your piggy bank. (pdf)
  • Option 2: Play mirror games with your infant. Position a mirror so they can see their own face or body and interact with their reflection. Help them learn that the reflection in the mirror is theirs. Take a photo of this activity and send it to us at customerservice@fedecu.com.

AGE 5-10

AGE 11-15

AGE 16-17

Published Date:April 01, 2021

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Teach your children the value of financial responsibility early with help from FECU. $ave-N-Grow offers many of the saving and spending options available to adults, with terms and conditions to help children learn as they save and spend responsibly. They’ll even enjoy some special benefits.

$ave-N-Grow Term Share Certificates

  • Available to ages 0–17
  • 9-month term
  • $100 minimum balance
  • New deposits can be made in $25 increments
  • Joint adult ownership recommended