Gift Cards For The Holidays

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday gifts. FECU can make your holiday shopping easier this year with the FECU Visa Gift card.  

So why choose a FECU Visa gift card for your 2020 Holiday gift giving?


  • It’s hard to stay on budget when you are holiday shopping. FECU Visa gift cards can help you stay on budget – just decide on an amount and that’s it. No worry on spending a little bit more for the perfect gift outside your limit.


  • Relieve the stress of finding the time to go shopping for each person on your list, especially for those hard to buy.


  • If you are worried that a gift card may be too impersonal, wrap it up and add a special touch with a handwritten note.


  • Decrease your risks of going shopping this year.  No waiting in the checkout line, no shopping at multiple stores trying to pick out the perfect gift, and no headache for the recipient on returning a gift that does not work.


  • The FECU Visa gift card allows the recipient to shop online at their favorite stores without leaving home.
  • If in-store shopping is preferred, they work just like a credit card or a debit card. Just swipe at the register and you are done!
  • Many stores no longer accept cash, so a FECU Visa gift card is the perfect solution.

Ready to get started?
You can purchase your FECU Visa gift card with check, cash, or even transfer funds from your FECU account.  You can purchase gift cards from $10 up to $1000.

There is a small processing fee of $2.00 for each gift card purchased.

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Published Date:November 02, 2020

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